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Sample D24e27e52b78e6412179eb94c00d058e by HeelLana

"Yes! finally here!" - Lana’s cheerful voice nearly screamed, running to the front door to her apartment in a flurry of glee. A knock from the door triggering her reaction, she had hoped to find a delivery man was standing outside with her package. It had taken a month for the package to finally be delivered, the postage from some faraway Chinese company having taken it’s time to come to fruition. Even knowing the long wait she would have to suffer, she proceeded onwards, having purchased a beautiful and cute looking Lavender sweater that had consumed her curiosity.  Now, the long gnawing time of patience was over. Opening up the door, smiling upon seeing the young looking deliveryman and scribbling her signature on the delivery papers. "Oh Quite heavy.." She muttered to herself, stumbling a little as the man tossed it over to her, forcing her to catch it. Nethertheless, the weight of the package was indeed very heavy, making Lana consider if they had added a set of chainmail to the package for free. Thanking the deliveryman (with perhaps a little too much enthusiasm than what could be considered normal), she swiftly closed the door behind her while quickly fumbling for her phone, turning on her favorite playlist. Using her handy pocket knife, she reached for the package as she happily mumbled her favorite tunes to herself in bliss, before realising...

"Hey! I didn't order a Black sweater!" Lana cursed, as she ogled the sweatshirt in a combination of frustration and confusion. It was supposed to have been lavender - the color of majesty and royalty, pulling entire piece of clothing out of the package and gazing upon it in it’s full glory. "A MAID’S DRESS!!!?? I didn't order this! Where is my sweater?"  Lana cursed, her teeth gritting together as she threw the dress upon couch and peered into the box once more in the hopes of maybe finding the sweater buried somewhere underneath, but sadly, to no avail. "Eh! First I Have to wait a month, and now I find that It isn't even what I delivered… What a joke!"  Like any reasonable consumer who was dissatisfied, Lana took to the internet to do what nearly everybody else on the internet seemed to be doing… Complain. "Aaaaand Send!” Lana pressed her enter key triumphantly, folding her arms and smirking “Now we wait.." Considering it would probably take about day or two before they'll receive and accept the complaint, Lana decided to put dress back into the box, folding it neatly back into box as she found it… It was probably just a mix up at the delivery warehouse, no big deal right? She was about to tape it back up, before an idea that made her smile had slithered it’s way into her mind. "What if..." Lana tapped her chin, asking herself a unique and intriguing question while she folded her legs, sitting upon her bed. " Maybe for a bit? To see if it fits… Then I’ll put it right back into the box. After maybe a photo or two.”

Despite a voice inside, denouncing her for such a blasphemy of even daring to touch such overly exaggerated feminine clothes had yelled at her, Lana was eager to quash all dissenting urges from within, Moving quickly but carefully as the redhead gazed at herself in the mirror... "Hm, It's little too big I guess" Indeed some parts, specifically around the chest and hip areas were far too loose to properly fit her figure. Picking up her phone and taking a number of selfies, she giggled at the absurdity of her actions, "That should do. I'll probably upload them onto instagram or something, but I guess It was… actually kinda fun  to dress as a maid… Ah shoot! I forgot the headpiece!" Lana was sure that she had put on every piece of the dress but for whatever reason, the headpiece was sitting upright on the couch. Correcting herself and looking into the mirror again, Lana looked upon the reflection for yet another time, taking note of the demure looking headpiece draped over her radiant red hair. "Now it finally seems to be complete!." Reaching down for her phone to take another selfie of the completed attire, something in the mirror caught her eye, distracting her. "My... breasts?. Aren't they... larger?" Indeed they were. As if filling up a cup of water, Lana’s two boobs had actually slowly grown in size under her own gaze. What was more interesting, is that she could feel them filling the dress space reserved for them, easily moulding itself into position like a cast, going from ill fitting to actually comfortable. "What on earth is happening! This isn’t natural at all!" Starting to panic, Lana quickly sent both her hands to try and undress herself, but with every attempt to reach zipper with either one of her hands was futile. Every time her fingers would come close to it, some type of otherworldly force field would push her fingers away violently. No matter how hard she tried, Lana quite simply could not undo her own zipper! "Oh come on!" She screamed, her boobs wobbling as they reached their maximum growth, their enlargement reaching a halt. Without a doubt, they were 2 entire cup sizes than they had been before, but understandably the dress now fit absolutely perfect, skin tight around her chest. "That's just impossible! What kind of sorcery is this!" Lana was now increasingly scared. Suspecting that dress might be cursed or something, an itch upon both of her butt cheeks cut off her train of thought. She quickly grabbed her ass and felt that it was indeed expanding, just like her breasts had done prior. "No, No, no no no No!!!!" Her protests made no impact on whatever was triggering her change into a Maid. Within mere seconds, Her ass had easily doubled in size, then even coming close to tripling! It was huge, bubbly and bulbous. Despite the large size of her posterior, it remained shrouded under her dress. However, she could feel the fabric from the dress (from around her hips) wrapping themselves around her compressed ass, making viewing from behind a rather picturesque and memorable experience. "It can't be happening!" She felt her firm, and incredibly large behind, rubbing it slowly in disbelief of it’s size, feeling much more Lana than she was ever used to back there. Simply put, Lana was in state of shock. All she wanted to do was cry. Nothing was as It supposed to be... Her sweater hadn’t arrived, and now she felt imprisoned in her own home thanks to this cursed Maids dress! Without the power to take off her new fabric prison, her breasts and ass had been converted, especially done in order to fit the dress to the finest detail. Now? The only  thing she wanted to... 'Oh this place is a mess!' Lana felt herself suddenly say, as she sent both of her hands to her lips in shock. Where did that came from? How could even she even consider cleaning in a situation like this! However, as if by some type of robotic, programmed instinct, Lana had slowly brought  started dusting her own mirror. "I can't s-stop!" She tried her best to resist, her arms shaking as her mind had slowly started to fill itself with thoughts about cleaning, cooking and serving. Lana couldn’t even remember picking up the feather duster… everything was getting so much more hazy... It was very much unlike her... All of this, everything that was happening. "Thats dress is changing me! It’s… It’s…”  It was the last full sentence 'Old Lana' had been able to say... That was hardly any concern to the new Lana, who was happily humming to herself as she happily tiptoed throughout the apartment like a type of ballerina, a cheerfull expression on her face as she does so. She was already done with much of the living room and had already moved over to the kitchen. Starting to preparing dinner and generally cleaning around the apartment (making sure to check twice!), Lana felt strangely at ease… like a serene peace had settled upon her mind. It’s like she finally found her place in life!

Preparing dinner, and placing it onto the table, Lana awaited patiently… Like a computer on standby, but nothing happened for quite some time, as no one came. She repeated the routine again from the start, sleeping in an an immaculately clean version of her former self’s home. She visited the store for groceries the following day and wasn't sure why people in the shop were looking at her so strangely. Maybe they never have seen a person so truly happy with their work before? After a week of repeating the same task, over and over again... Lana remained happily locked away in her house, doing her daily chores while never, ever losing an ounce of faith. With the subtlety of a bull in a china shop, the door to Lana’s apartment opened, as Lana (bursting into a state of euphoria) screamed cheerfully at the top of her lungs.

"MISTRESS! You’re finally home!'

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waverCD Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2017
This one was a treat to read. Nice work.
ShinPersonaMaster Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Interesting story and congrats on the views.
TGPL Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
W takim miejscu urwane, co za cliffhanger!
Niemniej, ktoś niewątpliwie miał sporo szczęścia, doczekawszy się takiej służącej na własność.
HeelLana Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2017
Tym czasem pewna czerwonowłosa musi obsesyjnie dbać o czystość...
JayTGFan Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2017
Już mnie ciekawość zżera kim jest ta tajemnicza pani...
HeelLana Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2017
Oh nikt niewie ^^
wannabestuck Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I would love to put on such a dress. It needs some stockings and heels to go with it too. The heels could convert the feet to a permanent arch (like the dress did for her figure). Maybe a choker to trap her voice in a French accent. Mmm. I love how she can't take off the dress!  Nice and stuck!!
a-planning-duo Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very nice story and writing, I really like it! :love:
human72 Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2017
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